Development History



Year 2017

On January 16th, it was awarded the title of “Top Ten Sales Products in LED Industry” by GSC.
June 10 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, on-site ordering amount exceeded RMB 43 million.
On September 2, Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang) Operation Center was officially established and put into operation.
September 08 Established Home Lighting Division and Electrician Division.
December 26 won the "Top Ten Light Source Brand" Award in 2017 China Lighting Industry.

Year 2018

August 08 Kaier Business School officially unveiled.
On November 02, Zhejiang Xuguang Women's Federation was established.
December 24 Zhejiang Xuguang won the "Top Ten Enterprises" Award for the 25th Anniversary of the Provincial Construction Zone of Chun'an Economic Development Zone.
December 26 Kaier Lighting won 2018 "Top Ten Light Source Brands in the Industry" Award, achieving three consecutive championships.
December 30 Kaier Lighting won the industry's 2018 "all-in-class influence brand" and "home lighting potential brand" two awards.



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