Brand Recognition

Franchisees can be committed to the development of kaier lighting brand, agree with kaier lighting corporate culture, business philosophy, and is willing to long-term progress and development with kaier lighting.


Operation Principle

The main business managers have high quality, advanced sales and service concepts, and can take a certain proportion of profits for market cultivation.


Operational Capability

Good experience in market operation, good operation status of enterprises under management, strong capital strength, financing ability, and good self-management ability.


Social Resource

With the local industry and commerce, media and other relevant departments have a good foundation of social relations, and a good business reputation.Have certain economy ability, need 300 thousand to 500 thousand yuan commonly.


Terminal Resources

According to the requirements of the company, we can build an independent operation place (exclusive store, flagship store, exhibition and experience center) specializing in carrier lighting, and the exclusive store should be located in the mainstream building materials market in principle.


Professional Focus

The franchisee must operate in the way of brand exclusivity. The franchisee shall not operate similar products of other manufacturers or products that indirectly compete with our products.

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