"Sailing on Qiandao Lake" - Kaier Lighting Summer Camp

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On the morning of June 23, the marketing team of Kaier Lighting Hangzhou embarked on a trip to the beautiful mountains and waters of Qiandao Lake.

On June 23,On a crisp morning, the marketing team of Kaier Lighting Hangzhou embarked on a trip to the beautiful mountains and waters of Qiandao Lake. This group building tour of Qiandao Lake is organized to enhance the team cohesion and enhance the familiarity of employees at all posts with the products of Kaier. The first stop is the famous boat trip to the lake.

There are three thousand westerners, and the water is strange

As we all know, the best way to enjoy the beauty of Qiandao Lake is to take a boat trip. The sightseeing boat is spacious and comfortable, with mild and bright sunshine, and the sparkling lake surface. The most comfortable way to relax is to shake the boat gently. On the way to the cruise, we followed our guide into Meifeng Viewing Island, Longshan Island, Love Island and other well-known islands for mountain climbing and sightseeing.

In addition to water, there are also mountains that must be experienced personally in Qiandao Lake tourism. The next day's Fangsheng Farming Park met everyone's desire to pick fruits by hand. It is the harvest season of peaches, plums and myrica rubra. The fruits are everywhere and the walking hens are within reach. This is the closest moment to nature.
Chun'an County is adjacent to Anhui Province, so the buildings at the junction are influenced by the architectural style of Anhui. The white walls, black tiles, cornices and horsehead walls are worth seeing. The Wenyuan Lion City in Jiangjia Town we visited can not only appreciate the Hui-style architecture, but also enjoy the connotation of "the ground replica of the underwater thousand-year-old ancient city". It is simply lingering and reluctant to return.

Factory visit and field study

Qiandao Lake is the base of the factory of Kaier Lighting. The second stop of the group construction tour of Qiandao Lake is to visit and study in the factory. There are 8 assembly lines and 4 automatic lines in Kaier Lighting Headquarters. Under the leadership of technicians, colleagues experienced every process of product from production to assembly to packaging. Both sales and marketing are based on the understanding of products. This learning process has greatly helped all colleagues in their work.

Proper relaxation can make people better engaged in work. After the three-day and two-night group building trip, the relationship between colleagues became more harmonious and their business capabilities improved, and they continued to pursue the "bright" path.