care "Diamond", detonating the 2019 Guangya Exhibition!

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On June 9, the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was grandly opened in the China Import and Export Commodities Trade Exhibition Hall!

On June 9, the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was grandly opened at the China Import and Export Commodities Trade Exhibition Hall, and the exhibition site was crowded. The exhibition covers an area of 195000 square meters, attracting more than 2800 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions around the world.


On the first day of the launch, Kaier Lighting, together with more than 100 leading products in five series, including LED light source, household lighting, commercial lighting, electrical engineering, and integrated electrical appliances, made a strong debut in booth A02 of the 4.1 exhibition hall, and joined hands with the well-known domestic jewelry brand Chow Tai Sang to launch the mysterious new product "Diamond" on the spot, which became the focus of the audience.
Join hands with Zhou Dasheng to launch a mysterious new product worth 2 million
On the morning of June 9, Kaier Lighting, together with the well-known domestic jewelry brand Chow Tai Sang, launched the mysterious new product "Diamond" on the spot. Ling Yingming, the chairman of Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, Hong Xuguang, the chairman of Kaier Lighting, and Guo Jin, the general manager of Chow Tai Sang Group Internet World, and other guests attended the opening ceremony.

The whole body of the "Diamond" lamp is made of 999 pure gold, with a net weight of nearly 5 kg and a value of up to 2 million. It represents that Kelvin Lighting is determined to be an unswerving, sincere and indestructible "Diamond" product in the pursuit of enterprise and brand development. The birth of "Diamond" has opened up a pioneer in the exploration of cross-border semiconductor lighting technology and jewelry aesthetic technology, and has become the biggest highlight of this Guangya Exhibition. The audience competed to take a group photo with "Diamond", and the scene was once hot.

The design of exhibition area is from focusing on product display to focusing on scene experience
Different from the previous exhibitions, which focused on product display, this exhibition, from the design concept to the exhibition form, pays more attention to the scene display and lighting experience, follows the simple and clean style, pays attention to the connection between people and brands, and conveys the understanding of Kiel on lighting in a simple but not simple way.

The value of light to human life can be divided into two categories: one is to illuminate the environment; The second is to decorate the environment. The needs of life scenes in the home environment belong to the former. Art galleries, museums and other commercial art scenes that have high requirements for the color presentation of objects under light belong to the latter. In the exhibition hall of Kel, the artistry and expressiveness of light can be used to render the theme of the exhibition, so that the profound significance of the values carried by the exhibits can be more deeply recognized by the visitors.

In this year's exhibition hall in Kel, every corner is a scenic line. The shape of light creates space, and the product creates a sense of harmony in the space. The light becomes soft and attractive, giving the exhibitors the most comfortable light effect experience.
Adhere to the principle of "win the market with quality" and build a "good life home"
As a green lighting brand that has been deeply involved in the LED industry for many years, Kaier has always adhered to the brand marketing strategy of "winning the market with quality", and has gained great recognition in the domestic market for many years. Since 2018, Kaier has been focusing on product category development and has successfully built a five-system product matrix from lighting to household appliances.
Many of the products on display this time are based on the consumer experience, based on the changes that intelligent lighting brings to people's lives, intelligent lighting, human culture, lighting and control, bring more convenience to people's lives, and integrate healthy lighting into it, and fully help consumers strive to create the happy ideal of "a better life home".
Kaier Lighting hopes to show its recent research and development achievements to the global audience through this event, cooperate and exchange with excellent enterprises, find more partners with the same development concept as the company, and jointly promote the development of the industry.