2002 Year

The company was founded, the company is called "Qiandaohu Green Lighting Electrical Applicance Factory".

2006 Year

The "Care" trademark was successfully registered and the company changed its name to Chunan Shenger Electronics Co., Ltd.

2009 Year

Won the title of Chun'an (Qiandaohu) famous Brand product and Chun'an famous trademark; won the Industrial and Technological Development Science and Technology Innovation Award and Industrial Economic Development Scale Expansion Award.

2010 Year

The company changed its name to Hangzhou Xuguang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., and was awarded the county industrial scale enterprise award.

2011 Year

Was rated as the 2011 growth industrial enterprise

2012 Year

Mr. Hong Xuguang, the company's leader, was awarded as"Top Ten Entrepreneurial Youth" in Chun'an County. The company was awarded as a social welfare enterprise by Zhejiang Civil Affairs Department.