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Diamond series pagoda industrial and mining lamp

·Selected stamped aluminum lamp body, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, wear-resistant and durable ·Double-layer thickened fin structure improves heat dissipation performance ·Optical PC lens, high transmittance, beam focusing, long range ·High-quality chip, no stroboscopic, uniform brightness and energy saving ·Up to 4000V anti-surge protection to protect circuit operation ·High-precision integrated power supply scheme, constant current and voltage stabilization, long service life

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mining lamp


Detailed Description

1. The size is suitable for hand lining, and the brightness is soft. At present, it's hard to see the power consumption. I hope there are more functions, such as automatic sensing. There are more choices in style, and the switch can be made more finely
2. I really like this small night light. The light is just right. I really regret that I met you so late. My son also likes it very much. He would rather turn it on than turn on the headlights. This light is remote controlled, very convenient
3. A small lamp with artistic sense is placed on the balcony. It is not very bright but elegant. I like the beauty of its design. If I find it in a friend's place, I will order it decisively and bring a good mood

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