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shadowless lamp

Color rendering index>80 Luminous angle 240 ° Waterproof grade IP40 ·High quality LED lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, soft eye care ·Imported high-permeability PC lampshade, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, more durable ·Aviation aluminum radiator, good heat dissipation performance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance ·The lamp beads are arranged all over the lamp body, and there is no dark area in 360 ° lighting ·Multiple cooling holes design, high cooling efficiency, durable

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shadowless lamp


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Shadowless lamp 1. The size is suitable for hand lining and the brightness is soft. At present, we can't see the power consumption. I hope there are more functions, such as automatic sensing. There are more options in the style, and the switch can be made more precise
2. I really like this small night light. The light is just right. I really regret that I met you so late. My son also likes it very much. He would rather turn it on than turn on the headlights. This light is remote controlled, very convenient
3. A small lamp with artistic sense is placed on the balcony. It is not very bright but elegant. I like the beauty of its design. If I find it in a friend's place, I will order it decisively and bring a good mood

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