Let your passion soar, let your dreams fly, let's run!

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On November 22, 2020, Kaier Lighting organized a group building activity with the theme of "Let's run with passion and dreams in Kaier".

On November 22, 2020, Kaier Lighting organized a group building activity with the theme of "Let's run with passion and dreams in Kaier".
With excitement and high morale, we arrived at the destination of this activity: Qingyuan Gulong Gorge.

  After arriving at the destination, each team formed the Warring Wolf Team, the Red Wolf Team, the Sirius Team, and the Cang Wolf Team according to their team culture, slogan, formation, and so on, and selected their leaders respectively.

  At the beginning of the outward bound training, everyone's cooperation was not smooth, but with a loud cry, the determination of each team to win was mobilized, everyone's rhythm began to be consistent, and gradually realized the significance of team cooperation.


Encourage together

  There is sweat, shouting and tiredness in the process of outward bound training. Although the body is tired, the spirit is high! In the process of cooperation, the cohesion and tacit understanding between the team members have been greatly improved.

work and pull together

  Facing a wall more than 4 meters high, each team member needs to climb over it without any tools.
We use the method of building a ladder and group lifting, let a strong colleague as the base, and then let a male colleague step on his shoulder. At the same time, we strive to hold him up to the high wall. Only a few team members who have climbed over the wall are left to help, while others are protected under the wall until all members have climbed over.

  After many drills and explorations, it took only 4 minutes at last, and all the members climbed over it. The scene was so exciting that everyone applauded and cheered for their wonderful performance.
The shoulders that were stamped out, the hands that were held up, and the faces that were red with full strength. At the moment of victory, everyone cheered, which was both joy and emotion! In this project, we are facing the difficulties in front of us by brainstorming, helping each other and not abandoning everyone. With their efforts and cooperation, we have proved that Kaier is an excellent and efficient team, and that the power of teamwork is boundless!

 After the one-day expansion activity, everyone gathered in the hotel restaurant to enjoy a rich dinner. Everyone talked and laughed during the meal. In the process of pushing cups and changing lanterns, everyone talks about family and work, puts forward problems encountered by their team, and together proposes solutions to improve work efficiency in the future. By sharing some of their own work experience, we can grow together and achieve common goals in the future work.

Delicious food carving

    Group building is undoubtedly the most effective way to strengthen team cohesion. Through group building activities, we have greatly shortened the time from unfamiliar to familiar, and then from familiar to tacit understanding. This group building activity has not only benefited us a lot, but also shortened the distance between colleagues, making us a better team. This activity has ended, but the new chapter of Kel has just begun. A huge ship, one direction, forge ahead together, Kelvin, come on!