The "Kaier Lighting" Cup Chun'an County Badminton Championship concluded successfully

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On May 11-12, the 2019 "Kaier Lighting" Cup Chun'an County Badminton Championship was grandly held in Chun'an Stadium.

May 11-12, 2019The "Kaier Lighting" Cup Chun'an County Badminton Championship was grandly held in Chun'an Gymnasium. This "Kaier Lighting Cup" Chun'an County Badminton Championships is arranged by Chun'an County Sports Association according to the 2019 competition plan of the County Badminton Association, and sponsored and co-sponsored by Zhejiang Xuguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.. All enterprises and institutions in Chun'an County form teams to select and participate in the competition. In principle, all participants are staff members of all units.

This grand event in Chun'an sports circle has aroused a warm response in all enterprises and institutions in Chun'an. As the co-organizer and sponsor, Zhejiang Xuguang's colleagues are even more enthusiastic in signing up for the competition. Badminton events are divided into men's groups and women's groups. Both men's and women's groups are conducted in two stages. The first stage is a single round of drawing lots, and the second stage is a single elimination of the additional games. The game is carried out with two wins in three sets and two wins in three sets of 15 points. After fierce struggle, Zhejiang Xuguang men's team and women's team finally won the second place. Senior leaders of Zhejiang Xuguang were present to encourage congratulations and take a group photo.

In recent years, in order to improve the physical quality of the people, encourage healthy and upward quality of life, and cultivate the exercise atmosphere of "national fitness and active participation in sports", sports activities have become a major focus of local government work. As an enterprise with social responsibility, Zhejiang Xuguang will also deeply participate in various sports events in the future.