Kaier Lighting flagship store opened in Dengdu Ancient Town

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On the morning of April 11, the flagship store of Kaier Lighting opened on the 4th floor of Weimin Lighting Square in Dengdu Ancient Town.

April 11thIn the morning, the flagship store of Kaier Lighting opened on the 4th floor of Weimin Lighting Square in Dengdu Ancient Town. Hong Xuguang, the chairman of Kaier, Zhang Xueliang, the general manager of marketing, Hong Jinbo, the deputy general manager of sales, Yao Yuehai, the general manager of the household business department, Wang Jun, the deputy general manager, Ou Yuanchun, the president of the China Lighting News, and Kaier partners from all over the country attended the ceremony, and jointly witnessed this glorious moment.

At the ceremony site, the salute guns were blazing, gongs and drums were blazing, and the exhibition hall of nearly 1000 square meters was overcrowded. With a grand salute and warm applause, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was successfully completed and the flagship store of Kaier Lighting was officially opened.
Hong Xuguang and Euro Spring jointly put the finishing touches on the lion and delivered a speech. Hong Xuguang said that the opening of the flagship store in Guzhen, on the one hand, hopes to improve the brand image, on the other hand, hopes to achieve new breakthroughs in the company's business through innovative models. In his speech, Eurospring also expressed the hope that Kaier would continue to promote brand building, strengthen cooperation with industry media and make "Kaier Lighting" the most influential lighting brand in the industry.

The flagship store of Kaier Lighting adopts the factory direct sales model, aiming to better serve the lighting consumers across the country, and can provide private customized lighting solutions to meet the needs of more high-end consumers. The store is full of products, including ceiling lamp series, flat living room lamp series, modern special-shaped lamp series, intelligent fan lamp series, European and American lamp series, etc.
The flagship store of Kaier Lighting is the display window of Kaier brand image and the best platform for direct communication between Kaier and consumers. Through the wonderful presentation of the flagship store, the products that originally looked cold became more temperature and vitality, gave consumers a more comfortable and pleasant shopping environment and shopping experience, and also made more consumers identify with the Kaier products and the Kaier brand.
The successful opening of this flagship store has witnessed the recognition and support of dealers across the country for Kaier; At the same time, we also look forward to more like-minded partners to join Kel Lighting. Don't forget your original intention and forge ahead; In the future, Kel will be more wonderful with you!