Take dreams as horses · ride the wind and waves | The 2018 Kaier Lighting Dealers' Annual Meeting concluded successfully!

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On November 22, the 2018 Kaier Lighting Annual Award Ceremony was held in Qiandao Lake, a beautiful and beautiful place.

On November 22, the 2018 annual award ceremony of Kelvin Lighting with the theme of "Taking dreams as horses and riding the wind and waves" was grandly held in Qiandao Lake with clear water and beautiful mountains. Mr. Hong Xuguang, Chairman of Kaier Lighting, together with company executives, gathered with nearly 500 dealers and supplier representatives from all over the country to witness this grand event. In addition, Wang Yueping, director of Chun'an County Development Zone, and Ling Yingming, director of Zhejiang Provincial Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, were invited to the conference to participate in the grand occasion.
At the beginning of the meeting, Hong Dong sincerely expressed the warmest welcome and most sincere greetings to all leaders, guests, dealers and suppliers around the country in his opening speech.
Subsequently, Wang Yueping, director of Chun'an County Development Zone, and Ling Yingming, chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Association of Lighting Appliances, respectively expressed high recognition for the achievements of Kaier Lighting in the past year. Director Wang Yueping affirmed the rapid development of Kaier Lighting in recent years and its outstanding contribution to Chun'an's economy and social employment. In his speech, President Ling Yingming also gave full affirmation to Kaier Lighting. He stressed that from a small workshop with only a few people, Kaier Lighting has grown into a banner for the lighting industry in our province to deeply explore the domestic market through more than ten years of solid and steady development. He also summarized and analyzed the development of the lighting industry in Zhejiang Province, and expressed his hope that Kaier Lighting could climb the peak and create another brilliant future.
At the meeting, Chairman Hong Xuguang affirmed the achievements and honors of Kaier Lighting in recent years with the joint efforts of all families in the development outlook of Kaier Lighting in 2019, and made overall deployment and planning for the development of Kaier Lighting in 2019. Zhang Xueliang, General Manager of Marketing, Hong Jinbo, Deputy General Manager of Sales, Liang Quanlong, Marketing Director, and Wang Hualin, General Manager of Home Lighting Division also communicated and shared with the guests on the development of 2019 in various aspects. Subsequently, the heads of all business departments took the oath to show their determination to work together to create a miracle in 2019.
At 17:00 on the same day, the conference entered the awarding stage. At this conference, a total of more than ten categories of awards were awarded, including the Annual Best Progress Award, the Best Integrity Award, the Brand Loyalty Award, the year-end bonus for 26 provinces and regions, the top three in the household lighting category, the top three in the electrical and electrical category, the top ten in the overall category performance, and outstanding and core suppliers. A total of more than 100 winners took the stage to receive the awards.
On-site ordering, as a welfare dish at the awards ceremony, will bring many surprises to customers every year. Rebate of order discount - 5 million cash and 50 Huawei Mates were sold, and the atmosphere at the scene was the highest. By the end of the meeting, the on-site order amount reached 44.91 million yuan, the highest record since the end of the year.
At 18:40, the conference entered the dinner. After wonderful performances and hearty drinking, the 2018 annual awards ceremony of Kaier Lighting gradually came to an end. The successful convening of this conference pointed out the direction for the comprehensive development of the marketing work of Kaier Lighting in 2019, and further strengthened the confidence of the partners of Kaier Lighting. As shown in the theme of this annual meeting, "Take dreams as horses and ride the wind and waves", Kaier Lighting will work together with more partners to create a new chapter in 2019!