Zhihui Kaier Business School | Kaier Business School was officially inaugurated!

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Mr. Hong Xuguang, Chairman of Zhejiang Xuguang, and Mr. Mei Mingping, the first lecturer of the Business School, jointly unveiled the business school.

In the new economic era, knowledge is not only another kind of resources coexisting with traditional resources such as land, human resources and capital, but also the only meaningful resource today. Jack Welch said that you can refuse to learn, but your competitors will not. In order to provide backup knowledge resources for the enterprise, continuously empower dealers nationwide, cultivate first-class talents, and create a first-class enterprise, the company has carefully prepared and established the Kaier Business School. On August 6, 2018, the Kyle Business School was officially inaugurated. Mr. Hong Xuguang, Chairman of Zhejiang Xuguang, and Mr. Mei Mingping, lecturer of the CBC master course "Kaier Dealer Business Performance Multiplication Path", jointly unveiled the business school.
Kaier Business School is a company organization focusing on the internal development training of the company, aiming at achieving the upgrading of human resources reserves, accelerating the overall improvement of the comprehensive quality of all staff, building a learning organization team, strengthening the sustainability of the company's management efficiency, ensuring the orderly development of the company's business activities, implementing the company's development strategy, and helping to achieve the company's development goals as soon as possible. We will take professionalization and systematization as the overall development goal of the college, hire famous trainers to give guest lectures, innovate the talent training system through various training courses and projects, comprehensively improve the quality of internal talent training and improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.
As Chairman Hong Xuguang described, "Paying attention to learning and training is the experience summary and inevitable choice of enterprise development. No matter from the perspective of enterprise's own development or from the perspective of dealing with the changing external market environment, it is not allowed to live in a step-by-step manner. We must strive to change and keep pace with the times, adapt to the needs of the development of the times, bravely accept challenges and tests, and push the enterprise to a new height."
Kaier Business School is a sign that enterprises have entered a new stage of development since the establishment of Kaier Lighting brand and achieved certain achievements. Talent is an important indicator of a country's comprehensive national strength and an important support for the vigorous development of an enterprise. Kaier Business School will create a system and mechanism to play the role of talents, continuously empower enterprise members, and launch a talent based strategy for invigorating the enterprise.