See "ingenuity" in the ordinary -- Zhejiang Xuguang LED lamp assembly youth skills competition

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Zhejiang Xuguang LED Lamp Assembly Youth Skills Competition officially opened on July 24th.

In order to improve the work enthusiasm of colleagues at the production line, test the post skills, improve the skill level of employees, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company from a technical point of view, the trade union decided that Zhejiang Xuguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. carefully organized the LED lamp assembly youth skills competition, which officially opened on July 24.
This skill competition includes individual project competitions and group project competitions, in which the individual projects include general circuit board plug-in process specifications, welding process specifications, and packaging process specifications, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees from various production lines.
Craftsmanship is the pursuit of excellence, benefit, pursuit and refinement, and the integration of the four, so that excellence becomes the work spirit, work attitude and quality awareness of each production line, so as to control the product and be responsible for the profession. The high temperature "baking" test in recent days makes people restless, but the participating staff are still not arrogant and impatient, and concentrate on the skills competition. After fierce practical competition, Zheng Yuqian, Hu Guiyue and Tang Xianjie won the first place in the plug-in, welding and packaging individual projects respectively.
It is precisely because all the employees on the production line strictly control all products with their ingenuity that the Kaier lighting brand can win the trust of customers and the favor of the market with high quality and high performance. This LED lamp assembly youth skills competition is intended to enable all employees to participate, exercise, break through and grow together, and always maintain a persistent heart and the spirit of craftsmanship. Only by tempering the post skills can we show the style of the industry!