CARE Lighting's "Eye Care for Ten Thousand People" Large Public Welfare Activity Begins

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At the first stop of the "Ten Thousand People Eye Care" activity, all the staff first entered the community and the school.

On June 6, 2018, at the initiative of Chairman Hong Xuguang, the large-scale public welfare publicity activity of "Ten Thousand People Protect Eyes" was officially launched. At the first stop of the activity, all the staff entered the community and the school, conveying the importance of "cherishing health and keeping away from light pollution" to residents and young children.
Mingyi Garden is the first stop to enter the community. Here, the main target of publicity is the elderly and young children. Young people work hard outside, and many children are taken care of by the elderly. At this time, it is particularly important for children to have healthy eyesight and to prevent the elderly from having weak eyesight. The residents benefited a lot from the dissemination of light pollution knowledge, the display of light decay stroboscopic light source, and the improvement of eye protection awareness.
Jinsong Primary School is the first stop to enter the school, where the first propaganda lecture on keeping away from light pollution was held. The large multi-function classroom was filled with student representatives from junior to senior grades. After explaining the knowledge of light pollution and comparing the light attenuation stroboscopic light source, the students spoke enthusiastically in the question and answer session. Many of the students here have begun to be nearsighted, and the problem of vision is more urgent. So the lecture not only raised the problem of light pollution, but also raised the problem of eye habits, to improve students' awareness of eye care in an all-round way.
While the whole people improve their awareness of eye care, they also need social charity institutions to make more public welfare publicity, so that eye care is no longer small, and long-term and high-frequency appear in the public's vision. As a professional lighting brand, Kaier Lighting is willing to shoulder the public welfare mission of eye care and export its own strength to the society. The large-scale public welfare publicity campaign of "ten thousand people care for eyes" will run through the whole year. After that, Zhejiang Xuguang will also send staff to enter the campus, nursing homes, and communities in batches, groups, and regions to promote the knowledge of eye care, truly realize the publicity of ten thousand people and the dissemination of ten thousand people, and transmit the public welfare relay rod of eye care to every corner.