"New Ecology · Building the Future" 2017 Kaier Lighting New Product Release and Annual Award Ceremony was grandly held in Hangzhou Baima Lake Jianguo Hotel

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Ling Yingming, president of Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, and nearly 500 dealers and supplier representatives from all over the country attended the event.

On December 20, the "New Ecology · Building the Future 2017 Kaier Lighting New Product Press Conference and Annual Award Ceremony" was grandly held in Hangzhou Baima Lake Jianguo Hotel. Ling Yingming, the president of Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, was invited to attend the conference with nearly 500 dealers and supplier representatives from all over the country.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Hong Xuguang, Chairman of Zhejiang Xuguang, delivered an opening speech. First of all, he expressed his sincere thanks to President Ling Yingming for his arrival, and extended a warm welcome to the national dealers and suppliers of the Kaier lighting marketing system.
Later, in his speech, Ling Yingming, the president of Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, made a wonderful summary and analysis of the development of the lighting industry in Zhejiang Province, and fully affirmed the achievements of Kaier Lighting in the domestic market.
In the theme report of "New Ecology · Building the Future 2018 Kaier Lighting Development Strategy", Chairman Hong Xuguang briefly introduced the development process, achievements and direction of Kaier Lighting. On the basis of strengthening LED light sources, Kel Lighting has now expanded its product system to household lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, integrated electrical appliances and electrical products, and formed six product systems centering on LED lighting, further improving the industrial construction of Kel Lighting itself. At the same time, Chairman Hong Xuguang also shared his judgment on the LED lighting industry, as well as the advantages and opportunities of Kaier Lighting.
At this meeting, Kaier Lighting strongly launched new products in the field of home lighting and electrical engineering, which aroused strong response from the guests present. Wang Jun of Zhejiang Xuguang Home Lighting Business Department and Wu Jianbin of Zhejiang Xuguang Electrical Business Department introduced the new products of home lighting and electrical products in detail. After the new product release, Chairman Hong Xuguang held a solemn and friendly signing ceremony with 9 dealer representatives.
At 17pm, the long-awaited award ceremony officially began. The conference held eight awards, including the annual best progress award, the annual best Bole award, the annual best integrity award, the brand loyalty award, the annual provincial year-end bonus, the annual top three household lighting, the annual top ten total sales volume and the core supplier. A total of 120 winners took the stage to receive the award.
The winner of the annual total sales champion was Jiang Zhilu from Shanghai Wangnan Lighting. Hong Shumei of Shanghai Wangshu Lighting and Wang Haiying of Beijing Geliang Lighting won the second place and the third place respectively. Mr. Li Yuan of Yichun, Jiangxi Province, won the Best Progress Award of the Year and the Best Bole Award of the Year at the same time. As a representative of an excellent dealer, he expressed in his acceptance speech how he had forged a bond with Kaier, and with deep love and gratitude, he gradually improved his performance. His speech was sincere and grounded, and won the cheers and applause of the guests present.
During the dinner, classic dances such as "Dance on the Drum", "Yanyu Jiangnan", "Extremely Beautiful Light" and "Moonlight on the Spring River" were staged in turn, bringing a rich audio-visual feast to the audience. The well-known national music performing group Women's Twelve Music Festival brings many classical folk music performances to the audience, bringing the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax. Finally, with the performance of a beautiful and elegant "Splendid Beauty", the conference concluded successfully.